In contribution, it's all about QUALITY and RELIABILITY!

Our group of experienced experts provides technology, solutions and support for smart workflows for every contribution requirement. Whether it's for sports, news, security or medical in 4:2:2 or 4:2:0, if it's in HD, 3G or 4K, if it's over satellite or IP - we are providing solutions for every type of contribution application. Our team of specialists has in-depth knowledge about the technical backgrounds of private and public networks over IP and RF, finding the "sweet spot" between quality, interoperability, latency and price. In contribution, failure is not an option - that's why we have been servicing the most demanding contribution customers in sports and news over the years!

We offer technology that you can TRUST.

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Distribution is in a state of change - and the change has just begun!

DVB and OTT are both essential in today’s value chain, Smart TV’s, and mobile devices have become an indispensable part of viewers experience. Business models are seeing a dramatic change and “usership instead of ownership” has become reality for content owners and users.

We are here to support finding your place in the new distribution world. We know that “where the magic happens” is not where your comfort zone is today and we understand your needs, the environment and the technology in this process of change. We are providing you with solutions to head your way into the future.

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Video transport is a growing market.

More video means more links, more profiles, more codecs, more resolutions, more users - and more potential trouble! Whether you are checking a single stream over IP, ASI or RF or if you need to monitor hundreds of channels in many different codecs, resolutions, profiles and regions - we are here to provide you the best solution to monitor and assure the quality of your video transport. We have the tools for central (NOC-based) or decentral (probe-based) monitoring, as well as Offline-Tools for troubleshooting and analysis of TS- or PCAP-captures. Quality control in today's video world also means user statistics and data analytics.

For us, it's not good until it's proven to be good!

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Video transport is much more than just video transport: It's also how to manage and simplify your workflows and setup. It's not only knowing WHAT to do, it's also knowing HOW to do it. That's why we offer fully managed services.

Remote Production thru “Datanest”

Run your worldwide contribution network thru any public or private network from your central NOC. No expertise on firewall configuration or encoding knowledge required on the remote site, you simply manage the devices yourself remotely. Stream events live from anywhere to anywhere for Broadcast or distribution on the web – and manage all this from a website. Try it out here (credentials per mail or call).

Ad-Insertion management

Our first experience with Ad-Insertion goes back to the Early Nineties when CNN came to Europe. Since then we have been contracted by national networks to set-up and operate a full-service Ad-Insertion solution as a service along the total chain, including the technical processes at the broadcaster and the cable operator. We are now bringing this knowledge into the OTT world to help capitalize investments into this distribution world.

Consultancy & Market development

Please talk to us about managed solutions for any requirement around video. Our network of technology and knowledge providers throughout the world in combination with partners and resellers across all EMEA will accelerated time-to-market for your products and solutions. We will grant instant access to all major European markets even for the most sophisticated workflows around video.

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